MVNO Agent Sales Lifeline Services

MVNO Lifeline Service sales rely on Agent sales and Street Team sales to reach customers. Spin Solutions Lifeline Services sales portal has handled more sales in California than any other provider. The key is handling eligibility and compliance issues upfront, with the consumer present, including Third Party Identification Validation and outside Address Validation. The Spin Solutions process does the extra due diligence and maintains fast order processing. No additional devices are needed on site other than the internet connected device with a web browser.

The consumer proof and eligibility documentation is acquired and uploaded securely with no files stored to the device. The customer signature is acquired directly on the device. Where applicable, the final application to the State regulatory agency is submitted dynamically in real time. Backoffice verification and inhouse approval departments can be tied into the system. Phone sales onsite as well as post sale fulfillment are both possible along with COAM phone sales. The Portal can be integrated with backoffice inventory systems for sales and swaps.

Agent sales are easily tracked and managed with Geolocation sales tracking and reporting. Approved commissions can be easily paid with the Autopay Mass Paypal payments. The frequency of payment can be set to daily keeping Agents very happy.


Responsive Design for portable devices
Real Time Sales Process
Real Time Review
Onsite Phone Sales
Phones Fulfilled after sale
COAM Phone Sales
Team Setup-Management
Commissions Management
Autopay Commissions via Mass Paypal
California DAP integration
NLAD integration
Texas Solix Integration
Backoffice – Legacy system integration
Inventory Integration
Geolocation Sales tracking
Secure image upload
High Volume Scalable Architecture
Custom Features