Mobile Street Team Sales

Take your Sales Team where your customers are. Responsive sales portal on portable devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) with internet (wifi or cellular) connections makes it easy for you to take your sales team to the streets. The Sales portal can securely acquire proof documents, scan bar codes, and record the location where the sale took place, all on the same device. No extra equipment needed.

The sales process is real time so you know where your sales team is at and the status of orders taken. Through geolocation mapping you can zoom out to see sales in a region or zoom in to see specific location sales. Having issues with a sales person not complying? You can easily turn that user off remotely. Need to add more sales team members? You can add the user remotely through the admin and they are ready to join the sales team.

Paying 1099 sales commissions? Easily track commissions and use the Autopay feature to send out Mass Paypal payments to individual sales persons. Autopay runs as often as you have it set and disperses approved commissions automatically.

Where are Your Consumers?

Street Fairs
Special Events
Targeted Income Neighborhoods
Door to Door
Trade Shows
Sporting Events