Street Team Sales Made Easy

Spin Solutions provides an online software as a service solution for Street Team and Lifeline Sales that is easy to use, easy to integrate and scales as your sales soar. We also provide custom programming and integration to work with your legacy backoffice process or software as well as new custom features you may require.

Spin Solutions working with 305 Spin has a team of 100% USA based programmers and developers unlike other software companies in our industry. Don’t wait weeks and months for updates and changes to be made. We eliminate the communication and delay problems that are associated with managing offshore developers.

Our many years of experience in providing software solutions and sales portals for ETC’s and Lifeline Services MVNO’s has given us the edge to help you have the most efficient and proven eligibility and compliance sales process in the industry. Our Sales Portal works great for most Street Team Sales Forces in any industry especially where the sales process includes the customer meeting program eligibility requirements.

Easy to Use – Fast, efficient responsive design makes sales easy on any internet connected device

Increase Sales – Compliance process improves converting sales to customers

Pay Commissions Fast – Autopay commission process pays approved sales on a daily basis.

Easy Integration – Integration with almost any backoffice or legacy system.

Grow Fast – System resources scale on demand. Grow – Grow – Grow.

Easy to Use

Increase Sales

Get Paid Faster

Easy Integration

Grow Fast